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    H+F’s Spa & Skin Care Guide

    Winter means the worst for our skin—dull, dry, and lackluster. We asked our experts for the best skincare solutions to bring back that youthful summer glow. Give yourself [...]
  • ka

    FIT COUPLE: Jerrod + Lakeicha Gunter

    Jerrod Gunter: 36, youth pastor Lakeicha Gunter: 37, kidney transplant nurse For Jerrod, it was love at first sight as they passed each other on the street. He made a [...]
  • John Mayer

    Weekend Warrior: John Mayer, 48

    FAMILY: Wife, four daughter (ages 14-22), and two dogs. OCCUPATION: Deputy Sheriff for Desoto CountySheriff’s Dept. SPORT: 5k’s to half marathons, Triathlons WW HALL [...]
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FIT COUPLE: Paul Ringger + Olivia Lomax

by Laurenne in Featured

Paul Ringger: 46, director of digital marketing for Lensrentals.com, photographer Olivia Lomax: 38, owner and teacher at Delta Groove Yoga, Memphis Lululemon Yoga Ambassador [...]

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