Hollywood Feed + A Different Breed

Thor the dog at Hollywood Feed


AGE: 16 Months

OCCUPATION: I occupy my owners’ bed or the area behind the coun ter at Hollywood Feed when at work.

SPORT: Fetching, begging, running & sleepin g

FAMILY: I’m one of six fr om my immediate litter. I don’t keep in t ouch with them m uch these da ys.

DIET: Organic raw food along with dry kibble and occasionally some mois t canned f ood. I ea t well.

TRAINING FOR: I train for treats. I’ll pr etty much do whatever it takes for duck feet from Hollywood Feed.

PET PEEVE: Small breeds. I jus t don’t understand them a t all.

SUPERPOWER: I’m su per tall and able t o counter surf or t able surf with very little effort.

MY MOTTO: Never let size ge t in the w ay of w hat you want.


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