Get RiverFit: Grizzlies Fitness Pop-Up Park

Kaila Calhoun plays sand volleyball.

Photo by Chris Hope

The Memphis Grizzlies will launch the Grizzlies Riverfront Fitness Trail and Pop-Up Park, Tuesday, September 16, through November, transforming the banks of the Mississippi River at Tom Lee Park into an experiential pilot for the best in urban fitness and recreation.

The Grizzlies Riverfront Fitness Trail and Pop-Up Park, or RiverFIT, is two projects in one. The Fitness Trail will stretch along the western edge of Tom Lee Park, between the existing sidewalk and river bank, and feature six fixed stations: monkey bars, pull-up bars, abdominal benches, plyometric boxes, battle ropes, and an obstacle course. Using creative signage, the equipment will be integrated with existing park assets — the bike lanes, stairs, and the hill at Beale Street Landing — into a full-body workout for all fitness levels.

The Pop-Up Park includes two full-size beach volleyball courts and a lined soccer field with goals, both overlooking the Mississippi. And that still leaves plenty of green space for a rotation of alternative urban sports like bike polo, disc golf, rugby, and urban rowing.

“This is really meant to be a public exploration of all the different ways we can use green space to meet community needs”

said Diane Terrell, executive director of the Grizzlies Foundation and Community Investment team. “We want people to use the riverfront in fun and creative ways.

“We’ll monitor the park’s usage, of course, looking at data on the number of users and the frequency of use,” Terrell continued. “With this and other projects, the Grizzlies have firmly committed to help build a culture of health and fitness in Memphis, making it an integral part of who we are and how we live.”

More information about the Grizzlies Riverfront Fitness Trail and Pop-Up Park can be found online at and Social media users are encouraged to use the hashtag #GetRiverFit when posting about the park to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Project made possible through partnership with the Riverfront Development Corporation, Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. and the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods.

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