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Architecture is the planning, designing, and constructing of forms to reflect functional and aesthetic considerations and purpose. A big fan of architectural design, I realized that the principles of architecture would equally serve the construction of our greatest houses: our bodies! Our bodies are the living homes in which our souls reside. Is your body more like rundown shack than the beautiful palace of your dreams? Maybe it is time for a renovation.

You are the architect of your life. With a good design, construction and healthy inspection, you can redesign and renovate your body into a living work of art. The best way to predict the future is to design it. Use these design principles to build your best body, mind, and spirit.

BLUEPRINT: The Design Plan


Clarify your goals. What do you want from your body specifically? Write it down with as much detail as possible. What does your masterpiece look like upon completion?


Know your reasons. Dig deep into your feelings about your current health. Write down why this project is essential, and why you will complete and succeed at this redesign. Get real and feel it.


All projects have a timeline for completion. Set realistic goals. Mark your calendar and hold yourself accountable.


Create an action plan that builds on your goals every day. Schedule your exercise, plan your menu, and invest in yourself like it is your job.


Cornerstones of Good Health

At our wellness spa, we believe that good health is built on a strong wellness foundation. Our daily habits are the bricks that strengthen the structure or break it down. Focus on fortifying the four major aspects of good health: nutrition, exercise, digestion, and lifestyle.




Most health professionals will agree that a plant-based diet with moderate natural animal food sources, good fats, proper hydration and proper calorie intake will best serve most healthy bodies. Utilize tools like the app MyFitnessPal to journal your food intake and get a real view of your daily nutritional intake.


Schedule a daily power hour for exercise. Rotate cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility exercises for a balanced body. Limit sitting for long periods of time. Set your phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes and get up and move. Studies show that limiting sitting can greatly enhance your metabolism, muscle, and mood.


It is not just what we consume, but what our bodies use and lose that keeps us strong. Eat smaller portions more often to aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Consider using digestive enzymes and probiotics to ensure proper digestion. Pay attention to your elimination patterns. Are you going daily? If not, increase your fiber and water intake and consider natural cleansing.


Design a life and live it. Take control of your power, purpose, and passion. Get connected with your community and make your life count.


INSPECTION: Evaluate Progress and Potential Growth.

Keep journals, track your progress, and seek professional guidance to help evaluate your strengths and your opportunities for growth. Ensure your great design lasts a lifetime by investing in your maintenance, looking for ways to improve upon your design, and, most importantly, celebrating the beauty of your living home and sharing it with others.

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