Weekend Warrior: Mike Cody, 78

Mike Cody

OCCUPATION: Attorney, Arbitrator, and Mediator at Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC.

SPORT: Track and Cross Country.

FAMILY: Wife, Suzanna. Children, Jane, Michael and Mia. Cats, Oreo and Fred.

FIT CLUB: Breakaway Running events every year since I cofounded Breakaway in 1981.

MOST RECENT WW EVENTS: Last in my age group in the 2014 Overton Park 5 Mile Classic, which I first ran better 41 years earlier.

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: 4:23 mile and 1:57 half mile in college.

Mike is currently training for the 2016 Boston Marathon when he will turn 80. He has run Boston 13 times, and 33 marathons overall.

MOST MEMORABLE WW MOMENT: 2:48:06 at the Boston Marathon at age 45.

GOING THE DISTANCE: I’ve been running for 66 years beginning in 1948, and competitively for 61 years beginning in 1953 at East High School.

I RUNNING: Too many pleasures to describe in this space, from the speed of the track to the beauty and relaxation of runs on beaches, through woods, or on mountain trails.

OBSTACLE COURSE: Severed quadricep (1980), torn gastroc (1983), broken hip (2008), and loss of heel pads after 84,000 miles of running.

IN TRAINING FOR: Rhodes College Cody 4-Miler and Boston Marathon in 2016 when I turn 80.

BEST EATS: The Little Tea Shop. I eat whatever Suhair Lauck puts on my plate.

PET PEEVE: When your buddies don’t show up on time for a training run.

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE FAMOUS IN THE WORLD, WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE: Percy Cerutty, the late, great, and crazy Australian Coach of Olympic champions.


FAVORITE QUOTE: “I guess a man’s job is to make the world a better place to live in, so far as he is able – always remembering the results will be infinitesimal – and to attend to his own soul.” – Walker Percy


Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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