Family Brings Medical and Wellness Practice to Memphis

The Draper family, owners and operators of Draper’s Catering of Memphis, LLC for 25 years, is bringing its successful family medicine and nutrition practice to Memphis. WellFit Medicine & Nutrition has operated in Jackson, TN for the past two years. Established by Jeremy Draper, M.D., who is board certified in family medicine and specializes in wellness, prevention, and hormone-replacement therapies, and Catherine Draper, R.D., the practice’s nutrition consultant, WellFit focuses on optimal health and fitness, promoting preventative medicine, proper nutrition, and functional fitness for their clients. Due to the demand from patients in the Memphis area and a desire to keep the family closer, they moved the practice to Memphis.

During its time in Jackson, the practice teamed up with CrossFit Jackson, establishing an all-in-one medical/nutrition/fitness option for patients and gym members alike. Staying true to this model, Dr. Draper, along with Catherine and his brother Jonathan Draper, have opened their own CrossFit affiliate, Metabolic CrossFit, in Memphis. The gym is housed in the same building as WellFit Medicine & Nutrition, located at 600 Madision Ave in the Edge District just a few blocks west of UT Medical School. Jeremy, Jonathan, and Cathy are all CrossFit Level 1 trainers and will also coach classes at Metabolic CrossFit. “We’re used to working in a family business,” Cathy Draper said. “Our children have grown up working together and with us. We have served many thousands of people in this city throughout the years. It makes sense for us to continue along those lines and focus on wellness in both our catering company and clinic/gym.”

The clinic will be open Tuesday through Friday, and the gym will be open Monday through Saturday. Scheduling and applications are available online for both through the websites and

4 Comments on Family Brings Medical and Wellness Practice to Memphis

  1. Peggy Downs // June 5, 2016 at 11:13 AM // Reply

    Would like to make appointment. Have chronic pain from bad wreck. Legs n back nerve damage, depression. Others


  2. I have gone new patient application and it says not working at this time.Im trying get appt. Because of fibro and thyroid issues.


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