I Love Juice Bar Opens in Midtown

I Love Juice Bar, located at 553 South Cooper, focuses on fresh juices and smoothies made to order with local ingredients and essential oil shots, such as Digestive Aid, Sniffle Stopper, and Energizer. They also specialize in gourmet vegetarian fare, such as salads, spring rolls, and soups. Overwhelmingly vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic when possible, I Love Juice Bar always uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables.

“Juicing and healthy eating should be convenient and affordable,” said Scott Tashie, owner of I Love Juice Bar and Comic Coconut in East Memphis. “We saw a need in the Memphis dining scene and felt the I Love Juice Bar concept perfectly suited folks living a health-conscious lifestyle and seeking quick, healthy juice options that are cost- effective.” I Love Juice Bar also makes it “no-excuses easy,” allowing you to order through their app for quick pick up.

I Love Juice Bar will be open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Carryout is always available and expedited through the I Love Juice Bar app available for iPhone and Android.

For more information visit ilovejuicebar.com or call (901) 433-9236.

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