Rowers Are the New Kids on the Water

Last year, Memphis welcomed its newest sport, founded by a former Yale collegiate, Simon Warren. He launched the Memphis Rowing Club, which services both Soulsville Charter School and an adult branch. Warren, who previously coached the Rhodes College rowing team, has paired up with Katy Adamus, another former college rower, to set up the program. Memphis Rowing allows students an opportunity to experience a lesser known, but highly regarded, sport that can give them an edge on their college applications and access to more scholarships.

Despite doubts about the river, Warren and Adamus have found safe water on Wolf River Lagoon next to Mud Island. Since September 2014 they worked together to coach the students on fitness, proper technique, swimming, and water safety. One year later, students earned a second place finish in their first race. Due to their success and popularity, they’ve created a program for adults as well.

This summer, Memphis Rowing received a grant from the Pocock Foundation’s ErgEd program, which seeks to broaden awareness and opportunities for rowing among America’s youth. The program is sponsoring 20 ergs, or indoor rowing machines, to be placed at the schools, which are an essential part of training. The equipment will be rotated to select schools in the community, and staff from the foundation will teach students about proper care, technique, and maintenance. In order to keep these machines, Memphis Rowing must raise $5,000 by mid-December to match a quarter of the funds donated to them by the Pocock Foundation.

Show your support by following them on Twitter @MemphisRowing, on Facebook at Memphis Rowing, on Instagram at Memphis Rowing. If you would like to donate directly or wish to know more information about their programs, contact for a link to their fundraising page.

By Katy Adamus

1 Comment on Rowers Are the New Kids on the Water

  1. Sarah Alvarez-Petit // April 1, 2019 at 8:51 PM // Reply

    I will be in Collierville for a Gap Year. I row stroke and also cox at Choate Rosemary Hall In CT. Also did a coxswain trading camp at UPENN. Would love to get involved!


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