Weekend Warrior: Joel Lyons, 52

“I have made most of my best friends through running while doing my favorite sport.”

Occupation: Physical therapist, Clinical Director for Physiotherapy Associates

Sport: Running

Family: Wife, Padma Lyons.

Fit Club: Pilgrimage Track Club and Memphis Runners Track Club.

WW 2015 Hall of Fame: Wade’s Big Adventure 18 miler — 3rd place Grandmaster, Greenline Half Marathon — 1st place age group, and the 2015 Boston Marathon.

In Training For: Sylamore 25 or 50K.

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: I had my PR of 2:44:00 in the 1988 Boston Marathon. Paul Sax and I went up there and stayed in a YMCA, and both of us had a great time.

Most Memorable WW Event: The 1999 London Marathon. After training for months, I was in a car wreck five weeks before the race. I had a concussion and broken ribs. I made it to the race and was able to complete it in the driving rain. Two of my friends and I brought our wives and parents to vacation with us in London, and then on to Paris. We had an amazing time.

I ♥ Running: Running has given me the opportunity to meet so many people. I have made most of my best friends through running while doing my favorite sport. I also love being able to get out in nature. Shelby Farms, the Wolf River trails, and Shelby Forest are the best part of the county.

Obstacle Course: In 2009 I tore the labrum in my hip while golfing. I have difficulty rotating or twisting on my hip now, and had to give up golf as a result. Running was painful. Fortunately, after laying off for some time and progressing very slowly for the next four years, I was able to get back to racing and even competing in marathons again.

Advice For the Novice: Be patient! As a physical therapist specializing in running injuries, I have seen too many beginners get excited by their new love and push their bodies too hard too soon.

Race Fuel: Usually it’s breakfast because of a morning race— orange juice with a protein supplement, a bagel with cream cheese, and half of a banana.

Best Eats: The Veal Piccata from Ciao Bella.

WW Must-Haves: CWX compression shorts.

Bucket List: Hike the Grand Canyon.

On Your Nightstand: On Looking by Alexander Horowitz.

Mantra: Enjoy the journey.


Interview by Hailey Thomas

Photo by Sarah McAlexander


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