Making Fitness Part of the Family

Brett and Erin Berry

Ages: 45, 36

Children: Two, 7 and 10

Having a family and raising two kids is never an easy feat. Both Erin and Brett Berry had a hard time finding a balance with their health in order to set a good example for their children. Erin, 5-foot-1 and 141 pounds, struggled to lose her baby weight, and her husband tipped the scale at 230. After giving up cigarettes, food had become his new craving. Both of them knew they needed a change, but neither knew where to begin.

Two years ago, Erin took the first step by enrolling in a Fusion class at a local fitness studio. After several sessions, she was hooked to the high energy dance choreography and it became the highlight of her day. “I could go in there and shake everything off!” says Erin. A few months later she added a bootcamp class and began to see the results she hoped for.

Brett saw how fitness was transforming his wife, so he decided to take a bootcamp class as well. It helped him gain the strength and stamina to become an avid runner who’s now completed four half marathons. Since beginning his fitness journey, he’s lost 40 pounds, taking him down to 190.

After two years of dedicated exercise, the couple decided to address the other factor affecting their health: food. They joined a nutrition program offered by their gym, Fusion Fitness, and began to learn how to eat healthier. A nutritionist taught them about properly fueling their bodies with wholesome, clean foods instead of processed ones. They now eat about five small meals per day, which typically starts with eggs, spinach, and low-fat feta cheese followed by vegetables and chicken for lunch. Dinner consists of chicken, turkey, tuna, or a salad. They snack on healthier foods such as granola, fruit, yogurt, and nuts. By cleaning up their diet, Erin lost another 13 inches and now weights 124 pounds.

The Berrys credit their success to the close relationships they’ve formed within their fitness community. By making strong personal connections at their gym, Fusion Fitness, they’ve been able to stay motivated toward their goals. “If I don’t show up to bootcamp class, I get a text from Mike (co-owner) asking where I am and if I’m okay.” says Brett. Working out at a close-knit gym has also introduced them to other couples who share similar health goals.

The Berrys have included their kids in their new healthy lifestyle. Their two children join them at the gym and participate in kids fitness classes and obstacle course training. Now that the couple has reached their goal, they’re setting even bigger ones that include doing triathlons and obstacle course races this coming year.

by Christin Yates

Photo by Michael Webb

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