FIT COUPLE: Jerrod + Lakeicha Gunter

Jerrod Gunter: 36, youth pastor

Lakeicha Gunter: 37, kidney transplant nurse

For Jerrod, it was love at first sight as they passed each other on the street. He made a U-turn and they met in a parking lot. In the heat of the moment, Lakeicha forgot to put her car in park, and as their conversation began, her car started rolling away. That blunder would be the beginning of a 12 year marriage blessed with four beautiful children.

How They Stay Fit:

Jerrod is a former college and professional Arena Football player. He stays active with weightlifting and recently got into Crossfit. Lakeicha is a long-distance runner who just completed her first full marathon at the St. Jude Marathon in December. Jerrod also trains her in weightlifting.

Favorite Quality About Significant Other:

Jerrod: I love that Lakeicha allows me to always be myself. I don’t have to put on a façade or pretend to be someone I’m not. She also has a calm demeanor and makes me look good.

Lakeicha: Jerrod’s ability to make me laugh is one of my favorite qualities about him. He’s also very intelligent and always has the answer to any question.

What Is Your Workout Philosophy?

Jerrod: Working out is only 10% of being healthy; the other 90% comes from eating right and a consistent mindset. It’s like washing a car, you wouldn’t put Armor All on dirty tires. When you are eating clean and healthy, working out is just the detail!

Lakeicha: Go hard or go home!

What’s A Fun Fitness Date?

Every Sunday after church, we go to the gym to do some lifting. It allows us time together away from our children. We work on our fitness and do a little flirting with each other. It’s also cheap!

Are You Competitive With Each Other?

Jerrod: I am more competitive than Lakeicha, but she is a closet competitor. She always reminds me that runners are athletes too.

“Life is too short. Enjoy each other and laugh at each other. Don’t take anything too seriously.”

How Does Fitness Help Your Relationship?

Working out gives us something we can do together, since we both share a love for the gym. It also allows us to relieve stress that we may otherwise take out on each other or our family. It helps build confidence and makes us feel better in our clothes.

What’s Your Secret To A Lasting Relationship?

Communication is everything. We want others to realize we don’t have it all together, but we love each other and have a wonderful marriage. And laughter. You just gotta laugh.

by Christin Yates. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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