FIT COUPLE: Justin Lamance + Brandi Marter

Justin Lamance: 41, owner and head coach of CrossFit Hit and Run

Lakeicha Gunter: 35, owner of Bedrock Eats and Sweets on South Main

Their shared love of fitness brought Justin and Brandi together six years ago when they met at a gym. They’ve been together ever since.

How They Stay Fit:

Justin enjoys performance-based sports such as running and Olympic weightlifting in addition to his work at CrossFit Hit and Run. Brandi also enjoys weightlifting and CrossFit, letting Justin write her fitness program. However, Justin is the runner between the two.

Favorite Quality About Significant Other:

Justin: She is as loyal as they come. She’s also very determined and stubborn, which makes her a hard worker.

Brandi: He is brutally honest and real. He’s softer than most people think, and he always tells the truth, sometimes to a fault.

Fitness Accomplishments:

We’re really proud to have four food and fitness-related businesses up and running. It’s rewarding to see a healthy movement happening in Memphis and to be a part of it.

What’s A Fun Fitness Date?

We workout together 5-6 days/week so the gym often is our date night. We also enjoy cooking together and hiking at places around town like Shelby Forest.

Are You Competitive With Each Other?

Brandi: It’s hard for me to compete with him because he’s a stronger athlete than me, but he pushes me to get better and keep improving.

“One of the reasons we’re so happy together is because we stay fit together. Making time to get in a tough workout every day and pushing through it no matter what else is happening in our lives keeps us balanced and positive.”

What’s Your Secret To A Lasting Relationship?

Justin: Knowing when to shut up.

Brandi: We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We keep our relationship as simple as we can, and it works.

by Christin Yates. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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