FIT COUPLE: Paul Ringger + Olivia Lomax

Paul Ringger: 46, director of digital marketing for, photographer

Olivia Lomax: 38, owner and teacher at Delta Groove Yoga, Memphis Lululemon Yoga Ambassador

Though already acquaintances, Paul didn’t seek out Olivia until he needed her yoga expertise to enhance his running regimen. At her studio, the two locked eyes during a tree pose and have been a couple for the past three years. Together, they raise five children who keep them on their toes.

How They Stay Fit:

Paul is an avid barefoot trail runner. Olivia has her yoga studio and practice, but also loves riding her bike on the Greenline and running trails with Paul. They also enjoy playing tennis together.

Favorite Quality About Significant Other:

Paul: I really enjoy the way Olivia affects people’s lives in a positive way.

Olivia: Paul is a phenomenal cook, and he also doesn’t mind doing the grocery shopping. We both appreciate a healthy meal and enjoy variety with what we eat.

What Is Your Workout Philosophy?

We focus on the mental aspect of fitness. Exercise is important for the mind and we work to improve our overall health—not getting abs of steel.

Fitness Accomplishments:

Paul: I don’t compete in many races or track time and distance; I just enjoy being out on the trails for hours at a time and doing what my body feels like it needs to do.

Olivia: I completed my E-RYT 500 in yoga, which is the highest level of training I can receive. Now I’m putting that into practice by training my students as well as teachers.

“We have five kids and lead busy lives. If we can do everything we need to do and still laugh at the end of the day, that’s a successful relationship.”

How Does Fitness Help Your Relationship?

When we get irritated with each other, which isn’t often, we ask the other if they’ve been for a run or done yoga today. We understand the important of fitness for our physical and mental wellness.

What’s Your Secret To A Lasting Relationship?

We give each other a lot of autonomy in our relationship. We understand it’s better to let someone be who they are than try to change them.

by Christin Yates. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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