It’s Crunch Time

Heart disease remains the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. Everyone can lower their risk through lifestyle changes and a diet that supports strong, clean arteries. Making the right choices when it comes to fat and cholesterol can make the difference between a healthy life or a trip to the hospital.

According to the Mayo Clinic, including nuts as part of a balanced diet leads to greater heart health. Nuts are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, fiber, and amino acids that reduce blood clots. Make a point to include these knockout nuts in a snack or meal every day,
raw or roasted. Avoid excessive salt, sugar, and other seasonings; these crunchy treats are most nutritious served plain or lightly salted.



In A Nutshell: Reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, supports brain health.

Get Cracking: Add to your trail mix or as an extra crunch in salads.



In A Nutshell: Rich in minerals, prevents belly fat & weight gain.

Get Cracking: Slice or sliver and add to vegetables for a buttery rich flavor.



In A Nutshell: Low-fat, prevents diabetes and hypertension.

Get Cracking: Chop and sprinkle on desserts for extra crunch.




In A Nutshell: Rich in magnesium, lowers blood pressure, and protects against cataracts & diabetes.

Get Cracking: Add to stir-fry for extra protein.



In A Nutshell: Boosts energy, lowers bad cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol.

Get Cracking: Pair with dark chocolate for a delicious dessert.

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