New Hope For Knees

Innovations in medical technology allow us to make ourselves look ten years younger, cure some of the toughest diseases, and even replace entire limbs. Yet, science is only beginning to address a solution for one of the most common injuries we face: a torn meniscus.

The meniscus is a crescent shaped tissue pad located behind the knee. Each knee has two, a lateral and medial, that distribute the load between the upper body and leg. They are highly vulnerable to tearing for anyone physically active or who struggles with excess weight. Once damaged, the meniscus has limited ability to heal. OrthoMemphis is the only center in the region and one of 10 in the U.S. to participate in a clinical trial to help relieve persistent pain and make the “artificial meniscus” a reality.

Over 1 million partial meniscectomies to remove or repair a torn meniscus are performed every year—more than both knee and hip replacements combined. Unfortunately, pain often persists after surgery and develops into arthritis and the need for a knee replacement down the road. The NUsurface® System is an “artificial meniscus” implant designed to replace the damaged one. This minimally invasive procedure only uses a small incision for the implant.

The NUsurface® System began in Europe in 2008. It helps alleviate post-surgery pain as well as delay or avoid the need for a knee replacement altogether. Since few options exist for these patients, we hope this study mimics the success in Europe.

To learn more or to see if you qualify to participate in this study at OrthoMemphis, call 901-259-1685 or visit Participants must be between ages 30 and 75, have had medial meniscus surgery at least six months ago, and suffer from continuing post-surgery pain.

Dr. Randall Holcomb is an Orthopedic Surgeon and President of OrthoMemphis. For over 30 years, he has been a leader and investigator in meniscal and cartilage research in the mid-south. For more information go to or call 901-261-7828.

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