The Lips Say It All

It’s not just what the mouth says, but how it looks. Full, luscious lips can make you look better, feel better, and bring the beauty back to your smile. Cosmetic lip augmentation is meant to enhance the patient’s natural beauty by enlarging and reshaping otherwise normal lips to improve their dimensional relation to the nose, teeth, and surrounding facial structures. This quick and easy procedure only takes a few minutes, while your perfect pout will last for months.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are the gold standard for plumping the inner body of the lip. Semi-permanent fillers like Radiesse and Bellafill are best used around the mouth and along the edges, but are less safe for use in the body of the lip. (Bellafill is not intended for use in the lip.) These newly-developed fillers give almost instant results, making them a popular choice.

“No two sets of lips are the same. Irregular lip symmetry is a common complaint and addressing this allows me to explore my artistic approach. While either enhancing the lips or augmenting the natural shape, I never give two patients the same technical approach to lip filler,” says Dr. Sadler.

Injections along the vermillion (lip line) border typically enhance the projection, or pout, of the lip. It can also partly erase small vertical lines surrounding the mouth. Injections in the body of the red lip enhance red lip volume. Depending on a patient’s specific anatomy, a combination of injection techniques are used during a procedure.

“Overzealous lateral injections can make your lips look unnatural and almost sausage-like. Technique is important, so I use micro-droplets,” notes Dr. Sadler, “The goal is to prevent lumps and create a smooth, uniform finish.”

Most fillers absorb into the body over time, requiring additional injections to maintain the rejuvenation of the mouth. For more permanent results, Memphis Laser Clinic recommends Silikon-1000® (purified polydimethyl siloxane) to correct common concerns such as deflated lips, sunken eyes, and hollowed temples.

Dr. Sam Sadler is Chief of Laser Surgery at Memphis Laser Clinic. He specializes in cosmetic and laser aesthetics, laser assisted body sculpting, SmartLipo, injectables and anti-aging treatments. For more information call 901.610.3986 or visit

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