Weekend Warrior: John Mayer, 48

FAMILY: Wife, four daughter (ages 14-22), and two dogs.

OCCUPATION: Deputy Sheriff for Desoto CountySheriff’s Dept.

SPORT5k’s to half marathons, Triathlons

WW HALL OF FAME: In 2015 I raced many races and I placed 1st to 3rd overall or 1st to 3rd in my age group. I placed 3rd over all male in the first annual North Mississippi Racing Series.

NEXT UP: I will be racing the Winter Off-Road Series. I’m also preparing for 2016 triathlon schedule. First race is in Oxford but the bigger challenge will be the Memphis in May Triathlon. I plan to do the Sprint and the Olympic distance challenges this year.

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Becoming a Green Beret. As Barry Sadler sang, 100 men will test today, but only three win the Green Beret. No doubt this was the toughest thing in my life.

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: Last year was my first Olympic distance triathlon. I thought the swim would never end.

John’s favorite fitness accomplishment was becoming a Green Beret. “No doubt this was the toughest thing in my life.”

I ❤ TRIATHLONS: Racing in triathlons is one of the most rewarding things to me—getting out there with friends, meeting new people, and feeling like you actually accomplished something.

OBSTACLE COURSE: For my age and what I’ve put my body through, I’m the luckiest person to be able to continually challenge myself with rigorous fitness goals. For years I carried extremely heavy rucksacks, traveled thousands of miles cross country, and jumped from over 100 perfectly good aircraft. I continue to work with guys half my age on the Desoto County SWAT team.

BEST EATS: I love Mexican food from Casa Mexicana in Olive Branch and pizza from Lost Pizza.

WW MUST-HAVE’S: Lately I’ve been using the high altitude-training mask—love it.

BUCKET LIST: Turning 50 years old next year and continuing to race.

INDULGENCE: Pasta, I could eat it every night.


Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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