Matcha Truffles

Make every calorie count with this decadent blend of dates, nuts, and flavor that are packed full of nutritious fiber and antioxidants. They only take 30 minutes to prepare and are so easy, even the kids can join in. Enjoy as a Guilt Free snack or dessert!


  • 1-1.5 cups pitted dates
  • 1.5-2 cups assorted unsalted nuts (Recommended: almonds, pistachios, cashews, & pecans)
  • 1-1.5 Tbsp organic matcha green tea powder
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • *Optional: 8 ounces melted chocolate for dipping (Recommended: vegan dark chocolate)


  1. Soak pitted dates in water for 10-15 minutes. Avoid over-soaking or they will become soggy. Drain and place dates into food processor or blender. Pulse until they are lumpy like a thick soup or guacamole. Place in a lightly greased bowl and set aside.

  2. Put nut mixture in food processor or blender and pulse until they become small pieces (not a powder, which loses the crunchiness). Add to bowl with dates.

  3. Add matcha green tea powder to the bowl and a pinch or two of cinnamon to taste.

  4. Mix all the ingredients together with your hands or two wooden spoons. It will be sticky, so invite the kids to join in!

  5. Use a small scoop to place Matcha Truffles on to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. They can be enjoyed immediately or placed in the refrigerator for later.

  6. *Melt chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave by heating 30 seconds at a time, then stirring. Dip the Matcha Truffles into chocolate and return to baking sheet. Place in refrigerator or freezer for later use.

  7. Store at room temperature for up to 7 days, in the refrigerator for up to 10 days, or in the freezer for up to 14 days. Try not to fight over them!

Makes: 15-20 balls

Serving Size: 1 ball

Nutritional Info (Per Ball): Cals-28g; Fat-2g; Potassium-35mg; Carbs-3g; Fiber-0.5g; Sugar-2g; Protein-1g

Brandon Thomas is a rising star on the pastry scene in the Mid-South and lifelong foodie with more than 20 years of culinary experience. After his transformation 14 years ago from 300 lbs to a healthy 175 lbs, he created his one of a kind Avocado Brownies. Since then, he has expanded the Guilt Free menu to include varieties of gluten free and vegan products. For more information, visit

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