Pain, Pain Go Away

Raising three children is already a challenge, even when you’re at your best. Add a ruptured disc in your back and life becomes unbearable. Christie Perkins, 32, unknowingly suffered from this medical condition for over a year and a half before Semmes Murphey Clinic helped her get rid of the pain.

“It began with a constant ache, but eventually grew unbearable with my daily activities,” says Perkins. She had quit running and all other forms of exercise to mitigate the pain in order to make her children and work schedule a priority.

She went to her local doctor several times before being able to have an MRI a year and a half later. They referred her to a neurologist, who gave her a nerve block. However, that didn’t last and after a few weeks she could barely walk. She had no idea what was going on with her body.

Following back surgery on a ruptured disc, Christie Perkins is running half marathons.

“My left leg was completely numb,” she says. “I called my doctor again, he was out of town and referred me to the Semmes Murphey Clinic.” They were able to see her the same day and the MRI showed her a ruptured disc.

Perkins was scheduled for surgery two days later at an outpatient facility. “The recovery process was fabulous. I was back at work within four weeks,” Perkins says.

Her long record of chronic pain ceased and she slowly eased back into exercise. She went from walking to running in six months after the operation.

“I haven’t had any problems with my back; I sometimes forget that I even had the surgery,” she says. “I’m currently training for a half marathon in Oxford and Nashville.”

Looking back on her long journey of pain, she admits that it didn’t have to go on for so long. “I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Cardenas at the Semmes Murphey Clinic for your back issues. I wish that I didn’t wait so long. No one should suffer with back pain the way I did. Dr. Cardenas is my hero.”

By Erica Freeman

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