Weekend Warrior: Alicia Camp, 39

OCCUPATION: Nurse Practitioner at Cordova Medical Clinic

SPORT:Running, Triathlons

FAMILY:Husband, Chris; Son, Trey (20); Stepson, Zach (18); Daughter, Mattie (6); 2 dogs

LAST WW EVENT: Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon

NEXT UP: Go! St Louis Half Marathon in April (my 24th half marathon), Memphis in May Triathlon and Ironman Louisville in October

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Finishing my first marathon (St. Jude) six months after giving birth to my daughter.

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: Competing at Ironman Louisville. Although I was unable to finish, I was so proud of overcoming my fear of the race and proud of the distance I did cover. I was seven miles from the finish line. This is my redemption year!

INSPIRATION: My husband and children inspire and motivate me to stay fit. My husband encourages me to pursue challenges and is always there to help me meet my goals. He is my biggest fan!

BEST EATS: I live in Hernando and my favorite local restaurant is Windy City Grille. The deep dish pizza is amazing.

“Running a marathon six months after giving birth to my daughter was my favorite fitness accomplishment.”

WW MUST HAVES: My Garmin, Sweatyband Headband, and Mizunos.

BUCKET LIST: I have a goal to run a half marathon or marathon in every state. Right now I am at #17.

WHAT FAMOUS PERSON WOULD YOU LIKE AS A DINING COMPANION: I would love to have dinner with Mirinda Carfrae. She is a beast in the triathlon world.


IF YOU COULD COME BACK AS AN ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE: I would come back as a cheetah. I have always been in the middle to rear of the pack in the running world and I would love to know what it’s like to run in the front.


QUOTE: “Failure is only a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent” -Marilyn vos Savant

Follow Alicia’s journey to Ironman Louisville

Facebook: Southern Ironmom

Instagram: southernironmom

Twitter: Southern Ironmom

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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