FIT MOM: Kristy Fenster Avery

Owner Operator of Fenster Fitness and PINS FITCAMPS

MOM OF 2: Shiloh-4 and Banks, on the way this summer

CERTIFIED: NASM Personal Trainer, NSCA Strength Training & Conditioning, ISSA Personal Trainer

Figure Competitor

Kristy Fenster Avery entered her first figure competition at 19 years old and has been competing at the national level since 2008. You may have seen her on the cover or inside of magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Flex, and Planet Muscle. This (almost) mother of two is a fitness model, personal trainer, and figure competitor. She won Overfall Figure at the Southern Classic and placed in the top seven in the last eight NPC National level shows she has competed in.

How did you get into strength training? I started with cheer and developed multiple eating disorders because of unhealthy weight demands. I was 5’2″ and 115 pounds, while being told I was overweight. After transferring to the University of Mississippi, my body started to heal and began responding to my work in the gym. I changed my major to exercise science. I ended up returning to Uof M and I got my certifications in personal training. A couple from the gym approached me about competing in a figure competition. I thought training for it would be a healthy way to work on my body image issues and eating. I routinely makes first call out (top 5 of 30+ competitors) and just barely missed going pro in my last several shows.

“Fitness is a part of my life—not my whole life, even though it looks like it from the outside.”

Advice to others looking to compete? Fitness is a part of my life—not my whole life, even though it looks like it from the outside. Girls in their 20s and 30s who compete professionally often make it their whole life. I learned to listen to one trainer and not every piece of advice I come across. I’ve worked with Mike Davies since I was 19, and he still remains my trainer as I train others. Now when I walk on stage, I’m ripped and lean at 123 pounds.

Personal Trainer

How does your workout stand out? The way I train my clients is with muscle confusion, by using different style of training. We isolate muscle groups in order to change the shape of the body. With women, I do a lot of big movements like back squats with body weight and plyometric movements. Women can’t be afraid to add weight to their workout. You won’t bulk up!

Favorite exercise for muscle development? One of the best things that you can do for your legs is a lying leg curl, or any kind of lunge or step up, because it isolates the glute.

What nutritional advice do you offer your clients? Avoid using any type of drug and instead redistribute your body using food. I require a moderate to lower carb and lower fat diet. Women have to counteract the estrogen, which keeps us soft, by eating right. The only time, since I was 19, that I did not have my trainer structure my meal plans was when I was pregnant with Shiloh. I gained 65 pounds during that first pregnancy and after stern lecture from Mike, I followed meal plans all the way through this pregnancy and have only gained half that this time.

To workout with Kristy: 901.674.9355 or kristyfensteravery [@]

by Robin Beaudoin. Photos by Tindall Farmer.

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