FIT MOM: Paige Thompson

Homemaker, carpool-driver, interior decorator, and volunteer

MOM OF 4 BOYS: Van-10, Hall-9, Max-6, Abe-3

WORKOUT OF CHOICE: Iron Tribe at Laurelwood. “It has totally transformed my life, from the inside out. It has helped me in every area of my daily routine.”

BRAGGING RIGHTS: PR proud of upper body strength. Setting and achieving each goal along the way has given me great confidence. I always played tennis and ran, so my upper body strength was not the focus. Now I can do more consecutive pull ups than ever before.

GETTING STARTED: I started Iron Tribe about a year ago and my husband started four months after. Growing up, I loved being on a sports team. Once I joined Iron Tribe, I was drawn to the family aspect of it. The 101 coach used to cater to my schedule, sometimes doing two classes in one day. I knew it was for me, because the classes were so short!

“I love the full body movements like box jump, kettlebell swings, and running.”

How does Iron Tribe differ from your former workout? Iron Tribe combines personal fitness, nutrition, and community to change its members’ lives. The community is what separates this from most other workout facilities. The coaches keep us coming back with their contagious energy. We unite to reach common goals, which makes us all feel like family.

The workout paired with the right food fuels me through my day. Since I have a husband and four kids, it helps prevent me from feeling drained. On an average day, we have 6 to 10 boys in our front yard, and I handle it best when I’ve taken 45 minutes to myself to clear my head!

Does your gym hold competitions? We just finished a March madness bracket and I made it midway through. I was knocked out in the third round by my friend who recruited me. She made it to the final four. We did a Halloween 5K and had some obstacles throughout that. You can make it as competitive as you want.

How do you train for the Spartan Race? In October 2015, I did my first Spartan race in Fort Campbell, Tennessee with a team and coach from Iron Tribe. I never would predict I could climb a 15-foot rope or scale a wall. It was a little over 5 miles, with 20-25 different obstacles that included rope climbs and army crawls under barbed wire. It felt a bit like American Ninja Warrior, which my boys thought was hilarious.

Best advice for those curious about Iron Tribe? Just put one foot inside the door. The coaches will instantly put you at ease about the process. Don’t let the setting and the barbells deter you from trying it. You can easily cater it to your personal abilities and needs.

When I first started, we had partner workouts. My original partner was a senior named Becky, who was a rock star and couldn’t run fast, but loved the challenge and the push and the community.

To workout at Irontribe: 901.590.2095 or

by Robin Beaudoin. Photos by Edward Kolton.

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