FIT MOM: Stacy Haas

Speech Therapist at Janna Hacker & Associates

MOM OF 2: Liam and Blakely, 8-months

Some say raising twins is the extreme sport of parenting—double the fun, but double the diapers. Stacy Haas, 32, says it’s all about finding balance. She made exercise a priority throughout her difficult pregnancy and it’s paid off in her racing times. She recently set a personal record at the Amanda Price Memorial 5K with a time of 20:52, earning her second overall and first place female. She also reached a personal best at the New Orleans marathon with a time of 3:49, making her the first female from Memphis to finish.

“I run for fun, but I also run to place,” she explains. “I set a goal for each time that I race, and that’s what pushes me.” Stacy has always been a fighter, despite challenges conceiving and a difficult pregnancy. She received help from Fertility Associates of Memphis and later became pregnant with twins. At 23 weeks, she was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction, indicating a problem with the placenta. Up until that point she had been speed walking about four miles every day. “After they put me in the hospital, I would do 30 minutes of gentle walking just to keep the blood flowing. It was an intense waiting game and I couldn’t even run to help manage my stress.”

“It took me about three weeks until I really started to feel like a ‘runner’ again and got my groove back. But now, I have come back even faster than before!”

Stacy spent a month in the hospital being closely monitored. Her son’s umbilical cord developed a serious condition called reversal of umbilical arterial end diastolic flow, which resulted in an emergency c-section. Liam and Blakely were born at 33 weeks. The twins were healthy, but spent the next six weeks in neonatal intensive care.

Under her doctor’s guidance, she resumed speed walking just two weeks after her c-section. “I started off walking about three miles a day for two weeks,” she says. “When I got cleared to run, it was the best news ever. That first run was a lot harder than I expected, but I slowly built up and listened to my body.” Stacy started out alternating between a run and a walk for three miles until she could run the whole thing. She eventually added on another mile and focused on building up speed.

Stacy likes running around Collierville and runs four miles six days a week. “It took me about three weeks until I really started to feel like a ‘runner’ again and got my groove back. But now, I have come back even faster than before!”

Liam and Blakely are doing well just like their mom. They babble a lot, smile, and have just mastered sitting up. Stacy makes time to run outside while the babies nap, if her husband, Kris, is home. If Kris, a pilot, is away, she’ll workout on her treadmill or take the twins on a walk. “As soon as they’re big enough for the jogging stroller, they’ll be my new running partners!”

Stacy has her eyes set on even more races this year. She’ll be running the Opening Eyes to Autism 5K with the Janna Hacker & Associates team this month. She also has plans to run the St. Jude half marathon and beat her previous time of 1:44. “My next big goal is to run the Little Rock Marathon for one of those giant medals.”

by Jennifer Brezina. Photos by Edward Kolton.

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