Fitting In Fitness

When your schedule gets busy, exercise is often the first thing to go. With a little bit of creativity, commitment, and a touch of flexibility, you can always find ways to add in fitness. Here are a few tips to help you squeeze in that run you’ve been talking about.


Block out a time for your run on the calendar, like you would any other appointment or meeting. Make it a part of your day and your routine, and encourage everyone who is a part of your schedule to do the same.


If you only have a few minutes, make the most of them. If your schedule says seven miles, but you only have time for three, don’t scrap the workout altogether because you can’t do the whole thing. Make it work with the time you have. Something is always better than nothing.


Strength training, even though it’s good for us, is one more thing to fit into a busy schedule. The playground is great for pushups, planks, squats, and lunges. Make every minute count.


Reconsider the 30 minutes you spend on social media before falling asleep. Instead, go to sleep and get up a half hour earlier to run. If you have a show you can’t miss, then DVR it and go for a run instead. Save that show for the weekend. Figure out where you’re wasting time and replace it. Make the things that are important to you happen first.


Begin as early as possible to include your kids as part of your exercise. You not only do something healthy for yourself, but you model good habits for them. Start out by pushing their stroller while you run and then in a few years they can bike along side you. Before you know it, they’ll be running with you and one day they’ll be outrunning you!


If your schedule doesn’t allow for both a night out and a run, then combine them. Invite that friend you haven’t seen for ages to join you for a walk, run, or yoga class. Local running stores, like Fleet Feet, have group runs. Mark your calendar and invite your friends.

Do you have questions about getting started or finding a plan to work for you? Stop in and talk to anyone on our staff. We’ll be happy to help!

Rachel Randall is the Marketing Director at Fleet Feet Sports. She is also a teacher, a musician, a mother of two active boys, and a runner. She finds a way to fit her runs in, but she does not clean her house unless you are coming over. For more information call (901) 761-0078 or visit our website at

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