Annie Oakley / Buffalo Bill Wild West Triathlon at Shelby Farms on June 25

The Annie Oakley Buffalo Bill Wild West Triathlon will be Saturday, June 25 at Shelby Farms on Walnut Grove East at No Name Lake (off Walnut Grove at Farm Road). The event includes four races: an all-women super sprint triathlon, an all-women sprint triathlon, an all-men super sprint triathlon, and an all-men sprint triathlon. The first race begins at 6:30 a.m. and the other events will follow back-to-back that same day.

The super sprint races are a ¼-mile swim, an 8-mile road bike ride, and a 2-mile paved trail run. The sprint races are a ½-mile swim, a 16-mile road bike ride, and a 4-mile paved trail run.

“We wanted to produce an all-women’s triathlon in Memphis to introduce women to the sport of triathlon and give them a comfortable environment to compete,” said Pam Routh, race director and partner in P.R. Event Management, the firm presenting this race. “We want to give women a chance to try the sport and have fun doing it. The all-men Buffalo Bill component of the race was added to enhance the event for the entire sports community,” Routh noted.

“The very short distances of the Super Sprint and Sprint are easier to train for and it’s an easier time commitment than longer triathlon events,” Routh said. “This enables all athletes—male or female—to give it a try.”

The event name—Annie Oakley/Buffalo Bill—is a nod to the buffalos that graze at Shelby Farms and its proximity to a shooting range. Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and became a renowned international star who entertained and traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show from 1885 through the turn of the century.

“Running triathlons builds great confidence in women,” Routh said. “Our goal is to promote the sport of triathlon and help women get more fit by presenting local opportunities for them to challenge themselves in new ways. We encourage relay teams, especially with family members.”

Training clinics for this event will be offered to assist race participants to help introduce them to the sport and help them improve their performance. Clinics will be held in swimming, biking, and running in May and June.

For information or to volunteer for the event, visit or contact Pam Routh at (901) 550-2114 or

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