FIT DAD: Kemp Conrad, 42

FAMILY: Wife—Anne, Kemp Jr—11, Coco—8

OCCUPATION: Chairman of Memphis City Council; Councilman District 9, Position1; President of Asset Services at Cushman & Wakefield|Commercial Advisors

Kemp Conrad has always been active. From basketball to running and other sports—fitness has always played a large role in his life. In 2015 was involved in a snow skiing accident in Salt Lake City, causing a tibia plateau fracture that kept him sidelined for months. He underwent two surgeries to remove scar tissue and correct an ACL avulsion.

Kemp’s recovery hasn’t been easy. He was in a leg brace for one month and then restricted from weight-bearing activities for another three months. He only had 25 degrees of mobility in his knee and began rigorous physical therapy sessions at Campbell Clinic. After the second surgery his mobility began to improve.

He began working out with Nanette Farris of Fundamental Fitness, who specializes in physical therapy and personal training. She’s helped him regain flexibility and strength trough total body workouts. Kemp also regularly practices hot yoga and is back on his mountain bike. For him, the most rewarding milestone has been getting back to the slopes. Him and his family were able two spend 11 days skiing this year. Next on his list of goals is to get back to his first love, running. “My time on the pavement is my therapy,” he says.

“Success at anything requires a great team, and I was lucky to have great teams all the way. My family at home is the most important team there is.”

“This comeback was all about teamwork. Success at anything requires a great team, and I was lucky to have great teams all the way. The ski patrol team that got me off the mountain; Dr. John Weinlein, the lead surgeon at Campbell Clinic; the whole team at the Regional One Trauma Center on the Orthopedic floor; the rehab team at Campbell Clinic; Nanette Farris; the team at work that keep our business rolling; and last but not least, my family at home—the most important team there is.”

Kemp is looking forward to being active with his family again. They enjoy riding bikes, playing basketball, and when the weather is right, skiing. As a busy father, professional, and city councilman; his injury challenged his dedication and commitment. “This injury reinforced the importance of goal setting, a positive attitude, and consistent hard work—key ingredients to any important undertaking.”

By Christin Yates. Photos by Ziggy Mack.

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