New Rehabilitation Center and Medical Director Focus on Improving Quality of Life

The Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, located at Regional One Health’s new east campus, recently brought on Chris A. Covington, D.O., PM & R, as Medical Director. One of Dr. Covington’s special interests is sports injuries. He enjoys that the patients are goal-oriented and appreciates their drive to get back to their activity. He said, “They understand the work involved to reach the goal.”

With all rehabilitative cases, even in pain management, Dr. Covington approaches each patient from a functional standpoint, assessing where they are in their capabilities and where they want to be. He uses a customized approach through therapies, medications, and procedures to meet those goals. Dr. Covington’s treatment programs aim to reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve balance and strength that lead to improved physical ability and enhanced quality of life. To optimize outcomes, customized care plans incorporate a variety of services, including:

• EMG assessments of muscle and nerve activity

• Pain management including blocks and injections

• Gait and balance analysis of body movement pattern

• Core rehabilitation therapy services

“No matter what your issue is and no matter how long you have been dealing with it, everybody deserves a chance. I have worked with people who have had functional or pain issues for years, but there is always something that can be done to help them,” explained Dr. Covington. “We want to give everyone who comes through here the hope that they are going to learn something new that will improve their quality of life.”

Dr. Covington is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who is certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has administrative experience in transitional care, subacute care, pain management, inpatient acute rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and wound care. His nearly 20 years in medicine has taken him to rehabilitation centers in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Illinois, and Michigan. Dr. Covington believes this variety gives him versatility.

“I have done both inpatient and outpatient so I see both sides of the patient, whether they are in the hospital and still in pretty rough shape, or then I see them going through outpatient therapies,” Dr. Covington explained. “I was a medical director at both levels for outpatient pain management and inpatient rehabilitation, so I think all of those experiences have put me in a good position now to lead the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine.”

To learn more about the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Covington, call (901) 515-5900 or visit

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