FIT KID: Runner on the Rise—Claire Webb

Already nearly 90 races under her belt, this little one is running out of places to hang her medals. Claire Webb, 8-year-old student at Crosswind Elementary, has broken records in three states, held three Alabama state records, and is one of the youngest children to ever complete in half marathons in both Alabama and Mississippi.

It all started with her father taking his twin daughters, Claire and her sister Reese, out for runs. “My dad was the double stroller guy for a couple of years and sometimes he would let me push and run. I got used to it and it was really fun!” By age four, Claire was setting records for the 2-mile and 5k. She’s also held records in the Memphis Runners Track Club for the 4-mile and 10k in her age group.

“Even if I don’t win, my Dad is proud of me. And every time we go to a race, it’s ice cream day.”

Her father says that she doesn’t follow a rigid training schedule. “We have fun doing it and we try to stay in shape for the big races, but her mother and I have never pushed her. If she wants to do a race, it’s her decision.” Claire has also competed in a kids’ triathlon and an obstacle race. She enjoys trail races and obstacle races the most. “They’re really fun because it’s more than just a regular race.”

Although Claire loves to win, her parents encourage to keep a healthy perspective: It’s about having fun and being healthy. “Even if I don’t win, my Dad is proud of me,” she says. “And every time we go to a race, it’s an ice cream day.”

Besides running, Claire is a normal kid who loves Harry Potter and likes to have fun. This summer she’s hanging out by the pool with her friends, attending summer camp, and taking a trip out to the beach.

By Robin Beaudoin

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