FIT KID: Teen of CrossFit—Taylor Babb

When most students are looking forward to a summer spent by the pool hanging out with their friends, you’ll find 15-year-old Taylor Babb training to compete in this summer’s CrossFit Games—a major accomplishment after placing 3rd worldwide in the teen division of this year’s CrossFit Open.

Taylor began sports at a young age, starting with soccer and martial arts at age four. Supported by her family that encouraged her interest in running, she began competing in triathlons. She won races in multiple states, and later 2nd place at the Iron Kids National Championships in 2011 and 2012. However, at age 12, a meniscus tear and surgery forced Taylor to the sidelines. While recuperating, the teen reevaluated her future in athletics.

During her recovery, Taylor and her father, Ty Babb, discovered CrossFit. Shortly after in 2013, Ty opened his own gym, A-Town Crossfit in Arlington, where Taylor now trains. In just two years, she placed 5th in her division at the CrossFit Games and came in 3rd in weightlifting at the National Youth Championships. This year she performed even better at the CrossFit Open, which qualifies her to compete again this summer. “The CrossFit Games will be a great challenge and I’m eager to see the progress I have made since last year,” says Taylor.

“The CrossFit Games will be a great challenge and I’m eager to see the progress I have made since last year.”

She maintains a 6-day training schedule: CrossFit five days per week, Olympic weightlifting three days per week, and running three days per week. Somewhere between this and school, she manages to fit in homework. “I set small goals for myself and train with those in mind. Pacing myself helps me see the bigger goals ahead,” she says.

As Taylor has trained and competed over the last few years, her body composition has changed, making it challenging to find clothes that fit her muscular body. She and her mother are launching their own line of athletic clothing for teens and adults. “With A2G Apparel, we hope to help those with unconventional body types and encourage the community to live a healthy lifestyle,” says her mother, Kelly Nguyen Babb. Their functional clothing line will launch this summer on Kickstarter.

Taylor’s family has been unconditionally supportive in helping her fulfill her dreams. “We’re extremely proud of Taylor and her mental toughness. Her ability to overcome and continue to pursue her goals is inspiring for us as her parents,” says her mother, Kelly.

You can follow Taylor’s journey on Instagram and view her new line of apparel at

By Christin Yates. Photos by Edward Kolton.

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