Weekend Warrior: Tasha Jones, 36

BIRTHPLACE: Coffeeville, MS

CAREER: Information Technology Analyst at ALSAC – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

SPORT: Basketball, Running,

FAMILY: Son, Kingston-age 7

FIT CLUB: Black Girls Run

FIT REGIMEN: I start my mornings off with boot camp training at Kholen Academy. I wake up every morning at 4 a.m. and tell myself “I Can Do This.” I am reclaiming my healthy lifestyle and reaching my goals. I am a member of Black Girls Run in Memphis. The mission of BGR is to encourage all women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. I also participate in group fitness classes at The St. Jude Living Well Center. My favorite classes at St. Jude are Step Aerobics, Kickboxing With a Twist, and Head to Toe Circuit Training.

RECENT WW EVENTS: 2015 St. Jude Marathon 5k and I’m signed up for the 2016 St. Jude Marathon.

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: When I first started running long distances, I really hated it. I never understood how people could run so far without getting tired. Running one minute at a time was very hard for me, but after joining BGR, I learned that running in intervals and having running buddies helped increased my speed. I remember feeling so accomplished when I was able to run two-five minute intervals without stopping. I am now able to run a little over a mile, while maintaining a 10-minute mile pace.

“My goal is to maintain good health and make sure my son understands what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.”

MOTIVATION: My 7 year old son is my motivation to keep on pushing. When I’m at home working out, he always asks, “Mom can I work out with you?” He is very active and loves playing sports and running. My goal is to maintain good health and make sure he understands what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m the only mom he will ever have and I plan to continue this fitness journey so that I will be around to see him grow up and have kids of his own.

IN TRAINING FOR: BGR Global Takeover/The SHE Power Virtual 10k

INSPIRATION: Before I started my fitness journey I weighed in at over 200 pounds. I knew this wasn’t a healthy weight for me, but I was comfortable and content with my size. Someone very close to me had to undergo an open-heart surgery at the age of 32 due to high blood pressure. That was a wakeup call for me to get serious about my health and weight loss goals. I have lost over 40 pounds since I started this journey. Consistency is the key!

POWER SONG: Mary Mary – Go Get It

BEST EATS: Benihana; I love Hibachi. I always order their Rocky’s Choice with a Mai Tai.

BUCKET LIST: Travel to Canada to run the Niagara Falls Half Marathon.

INDULGENCE: German Chocolate Cake and Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” — Philippians 4:13

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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