Aging Gracefully

Nineteen years ago, Nancy Milligan Fain became a breast cancer survivor. While undergoing treatment, Nancy fought for her health every single day, which forced her to take another look at her life choices. She began investing in her health and wellness, starting with food and began eating a clean diet, free of processed food. Her efforts have grown since then, leading her on a life of aging gracefully.

Sixty-one-year-old Nancy believes in being proactive with your health. “My mammogram screening saved my life, which is why I believe in taking preventative steps to maintain my health.” She begins her day with 10 minutes of meditation, followed by an hour of exercise at the Germantown Athletic Club. Her workout routines range from weights to cardio and yoga. She also enjoys walking, eats a 90% organic diet, and takes vitamin and herbal supplements.

“A smart person is proactive about his or her health.”

Not only does Nancy like to feel good, she likes to look good and believes skincare is a priority. “It’s important to get exactly what your skin needs to keep it looking healthy and rejuvenated,” she says. She is a client of Valerie Monismith of Ashtoria Aesthetics and Wellness in Collierville. Ashtoria focuses on the health and appearance of both the top and underlying layers of skin. Nancy has used a variety of products and treatments like Bellafill, which addresses wrinkles and fine lines, and Regencia, which revitalizes the face and neck. Ashtoria also provides laser resurfacing, facials, and other services that give a full spectrum of skin solutions.

In 2014, Nancy became a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York City, the world’s largest nutrition school. Through her coaching company, Green Fingers, she lectures groups and mentors individuals, offering a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle management. She says, “A smart person is proactive about his or her health.”

Visit her site at

By Christin Yates. Photo by Tindall Farmer.

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