Slow Aging From the Inside Out

Warding off premature aging with nutrition science is fast catching on. Consumers have begun to focus more on prevention than treatment by taking health supplements to counteract the impact of inadequate nutrition and poor diet in hopes of trimming down their health expenses.

As you grow into adulthood, there’s a misconception that the realities of aging only affect our parents and grandparents. One day all of us will have to face the issues of aging and decide how we will embrace the inevitable.

Lifestyle choices have a significant impact nohow we age. The Anti- Inflammatory Diet is the best way to reduce chronic inflammation and optimize health. Chronic inflammation can last as little as a few weeks up to years, and may lead to various health problems. Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a lifelong eating plan that emphasizes specific foods aimed at reducing harmful inflammation to ultimately lower your risk for diseases down the line. It is not geared toward weight-loss, but instead aims to improve overall long-term health.

Overall the Anti-Inflammatory Diet focuses on whole foods (those that are unrefined and unprocessed), omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, and anti-inflammatory spices. Many of them are found in the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fish,vegetables, and olive oil—among other staples.


— Whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, and quinoa.

— Fatty cold water fish, such as salmon.

— Brightly colored fresh vegetables and fruits, particularly dark berries.

— Healthy fats found in high-quality extra virgin olive oil, beans, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

— Soy products such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, and soy milk.

— Spices such as ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon.

— Clean water and green tea for beverages.


— Refined sugar: Promotes glycation, which damages cells and causes wrinkles. It’s the top food that accelerates aging in most people.

— Grains: Pro-inflammatory if refined and promotes glycation, which will speed up the aging process.

— Trans fats and hydrogenated oils: Processed fats promote inflammation, which may lead to premature aging, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

— Alcohol: A glass of red wine may be healthy for your heart, but the overall consumption of alcohol is pro-inflammatory and speeds up the aging process.

— Artificial sugar or other artificial ingredients: Contain a large number of chemicals, which can speed up the aging process

Kate Gassaway, RN, MSN, APRN, BC is a Nurse Practitioner and owner of Solutions Medical Center. (901) 853-6428

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