Melt Away Trouble Spots with SculpSure

This FDA approved fat elimination treatment is a new alternative to liposuction with no down time. It uses noninvasive lasers to break down fat cells, making them gone for good.

This FDA approved fat elimination treatment is a new alternative to liposuction with no down time. It uses noninvasive lasers to break down fat cells, making them gone for good.

Tracy Douglas, a St. Jude Nurse Practitioner, has been a runner for over 25 years. This 51-year-old has plenty of 50K races under her belt and even ran the Boston Marathon in 2014. Even though she considered herself a healthy eater, she always struggled with a few trouble areas.

“After having kids, the tummy area was one of those places where I stored excess fat. I worked with an online trainer, but no matter how much weight I lost, that area never seemed to improve.” She decided to give SculpSure a try after hearing about it from friend and physician, Dr. Leah Tonkin at Adams Patterson Gynecology & Obstetrics. She went in with no expectations and ended up surprised at the difference it made. Tracy says, “I took pictures of my progress throughout the treatment and saw a difference. It really worked!”

SculpSure utilizes a 1060mm diode laser body-contouring technology to reach the fat under the skin’s surface, where the fat eventually breaks down and is naturally absorbed and removed from the body (via the urine, as with natural fat loss). Areas such as love handles and stubborn belly fat are popular targets for reduction. SculpSure patients have experienced 24 percent fat reduction of these areas. Laser heat damages the fat cell integrity, and over 6 to 12 weeks, those cells disappear and those areas physically decrease in size. During the procedure, a belt and pads attached to wires and hoses are strapped to the patient for a 25 minute session. Alternating waves of hot and cold are felt, which protects the surface of the skin. Douglas felt no pain during her treatment. “It was kind of a stingy hot, but it really never got uncomfortable. The sensation was weird, but never unbearable,” says Tracy.

One to four sessions may be required, depending on the desired results. SculpSure is not a replacement for diet and exercise, but is designed for the small trouble spots that do not respond to a reasonable diet and exercise regimen.

This may be an option to consider if:

• You do not want incisions or have concerns about scarring.

• You prefer not to undergo anesthesia.

• Surgery conflicts with your schedule. SculpSure takes only 25 minutes and requires no recovery or down time.

• You want to avoid like pain. SculpSure is so well tolerated that over 90% of patients would recommend it. Patients interviewed after using SculpSure were asked to rate their discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10, and an average of 3.7 was reported.

Results are not instantaneous. Results may be visible 12 weeks after treatment, according to SculpSure’s website. Tracy says, “It was a good three months before I could really see significant results because it was so gradual. But in the end I definitely saw a difference.”

For a free consultation about SculpSure contact Adams Patterson Gynecology & Obstetrics at (901) 767-3810 or visit

By Robin Beaudoin. Photo by Tindall Farmer.

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  1. Hi there very curious about the precedure but I live in BC Canada. Do they have any options where I live?


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