Weekend Warrior: Adam Stowe ~ triathlete

AGE: 26

BIRTHPLACE: Fayetteville, AR

JOB: Architect at brg3s Architects

FAMILY: My family recently grew by one! My nephew Corbin joins my Mom, Dad, Sister, brother-in-law, and dog, Wrigley, in Fayetteville.

FIT CLUB: I started “archiFIT” at brg3s architects, which is a program that tracks activities and encourages healthier lifestyles and motivation among coworkers. A weekly track/trail based running group led by Mr. Courtney Fowler.

MOST RECENT WW EVENTS: Tough Mudder (Atlanta, GA), Mighty Mite Triathlon (sprint in Forrest City, AR), Cooper Young 4 Miler, Toad Suck Tri Fest (Olympic in Conway, AR)

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Completed five triathlons in my first year competing. I got hooked!

PRE-RACE FUEL: I chug down a large carton of Coconut Water—and I haven’t had a cramp in a race since.

“Triathlons constantly challenge me to define what my limits are—then they give me the opportunity to surpass them.”

I TRIATHLONS: Triathlons constantly challenge me to define what my limits are—then they give me the opportunity to surpass them. I’m someone who always needs a challenge or goal. Triathlons allow me to have something to strive for and they challenge my discipline and mental toughness daily.

CROSS-TRAIN: Strength training, trail running, hot yoga, and the Wim Hof breathing method. I believe cross training is be super important to avoid getting burnt out on any one sport.

MOTIVATION: I always strive to be the healthiest version of myself. I have friends and family who are not able to exercise due to health complications. Because of this, I do not take my ability to exercise for granted.

NEXT CHALLENGE: St. Jude Half Marathon in December and the Chattanooga Half Ironman next May, which is my first half ironman.

BUCKET LIST: Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco or I’d settle for climbing Mt. Everest

WHAT IS SOMETHING NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU: I don’t eat grains! Nutrition is very important to me. Six months ago, I started following “Primal Endurance” which broke my body from its carb dependency and re-wired it to run off fat for fuel. This has provided me with an abundance of energy, endurance, and better performance.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: I’m an avid reader and am currently switching between “The Well Built Triathlete” by Matt Dixon and “Magicians of the Gods” by Graham Hancock.

BINGEWATCH: Entourage, Narcos, Game of Thrones, Vikings

SWEET TOOTH: Ice cream from La Michoacana. If you haven’t been there, stop what you are doing and go there now.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Struggle gives meaning and richness to life.” –Sir Roger Bannister who was the first person to break the four minute mile.

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photos by Philip Murphy.

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