Weekend Warrior: Barbara Tatge ~ cyclist & runner

AGE: 57


JOB: Vice President of Ocular Surface Disease at Beaver-Visitec International

FAMILY: Two daughters: Blair–27 and Paige–25

FIT CLUB: Germantown Thoroughbreds, Memphis Hightailers; MRTC, Gazelles and Geezers; Thunder Racing

BRAGGING RIGHTS: I placed first in the female over age 50 division of the King of the Mountain competition at the San Diego Gran Fondo Century in April of this year. In June, I completed Ride the Rockies, a 420 mile cycling adventure. I paced a friend at the Leadville 100 mile trail run. I have been an age group winner at several half marathons: St. Jude, Aspen, Portland (OR), Savannah, Grand Forks (ND), and Germantown—to name a few—and many triathlons, including Memphis in May.

NEXT CHALLENGE: The BCB 100 in October and the Tour de Tucson Century in November.

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: The Phoenix Casa Grande Century in January this year because I met my boyfriend during the ride! What a blessing to have a companion who loves cycling as much as me.

I BIKING & RUNNING: Cyclists and runners are awesome, and I’m honored that they complete my circle of friends.

“I am a nine-year cancer survivor. Being a survivor doesn’t define me, but it makes me so grateful to have a strong body.”

OBSTACLE COURSE: I am a nine-year cancer (parotid) survivor. Being a survivor doesn’t define me, but it makes me so grateful to have a strong body. After my surgery, I couldn’t smile for months, so I am deeply thankful that I can smile—something I do often while running and cycling.

BUCKET LIST: Ironman at age 60.

IF YOU COULD HAVE A FAMOUS DINING COMPANION WHO WOULD CHOOSE: Mother Teresa. Her messages were so profound, but moreover, her acts were the highest example of kindness to humanity.

WHAT IS SOMETHING NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU: I am a master seamstress. I was the backstage tailor at the Miss Arkansas and Miss Mississippi USA beauty pageants.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: “Fast Girl” –the story of Olympic runner Suzie Favor Hamilton.

INDULGENCE: Pedicures every three weeks and dark chocolate every day.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end.”—John Lennon

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Philip Murphy.

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