Weekend Warrior: Alyce Langley ~ runner

AGE: 52

BIRTHPLACE: Washington, D. C.

JOB: Diabetes/Metabolic Nurse Practitioner at the Memphis VA Medical Center

FAMILY: Husband–John, Son–Sean, 2 dogs–Chili and Pepper

FIT CLUB: Memphis in Motion, River Runners

RECENT WW EVENTS: Cooper Young 4-miler, Chicago Marathon, Greenline Half Marathon

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: I got my PR 5:22 at the Chicago Marathon in October.

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: Sylamore 25K in 2015 in the snow and ice (need I say more).

I RUNNING: All you need is a pair of shoes and a road or trail. I have seen many beautiful sunrises that I would not have witnessed if I weren’t up running. Also, the running community is GREAT!

MY RUNNING HEROINE: My mom, April Goode. She started running over 10 years before I did and beat me in a 5K when I was 44.

WW MUST-HAVE’S: Brooks Glycerin, Tom Tom Spark 3 cardio watch.

“I overcame my belief that I couldn’t run.”

PRE-RACE RITUAL: Eating the veggie plate at Soul Fish Café pre-race night.

NEXT WW CHALLENGE: St. Jude Half Marathon

BUCKET LIST: Run a marathon abroad in a place like London or Australia.

IF YOU COULD COME BACK AS AN ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE: I would come back as a horse because they are so graceful when they run.

BINGE WATCH: Lately, The Fall. I also love The Midwife, Criminal Minds, and all Star Trek shows (especially with Jean-Luc Picard).

OBSTACLE COURSE: I tried running when I was over weight and it hurt my feet so much, so I lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers and slowly started running again. I overcame my belief that I couldn’t run and now I run marathons!

BEST EATS: Bosco’s Squared. I eat the California Pizza (add spinach) and the Scottish Ale.

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE FAMOUS WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE: The Beatles— and I would want to party and dance!

SELF-INDULGENCE: Pedicures at Spa Nails, coffee chip ice cream at Sweet Noshing’s, and lattes from either Café Eclectic or Otherlands Coffee Bar.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t Ask. Act! Action will delineate you and define you.” – Thomas Jefferson

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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