BEAUTY DETOX: Renew Your Radiance

After a sea of cheery greets, sugary treats, and roasted meats, the holiday season can quickly leave skin worse for wear. The skin is the largest organ of elimination and the first to show signs of stress, poor diet, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. If your skin is showing your sins, follow this beauty detox routine to renew your natural radiance.


TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH: Congested skin is often linked to poor colon chemistry, and an internal cleanse can go a long way. Colon Hydrotherapy gently clears excess debris from the colon to hydrate and restore your natural balance. Begin with three colon hydrotherapy sessions in three weeks, then follow up with monthly sessions for beautiful skin.

H.O.P.E: Don’t wish, HOPE for better skin. Work this formula into your daily diet. Add 8-10 glasses of water for good hydration.

(H) High fiber fruits and vegetables. Shoot for 5-7 servings daily, eating a rainbow of colors.

(O) Omega Oils, 1000mg daily. Try Red Carpet by HUM Beauty Nutrition for a fish oil-free beauty boost.

(P) Probiotics are nature’s beauty bugs that clean up debris in the intestines. Take a daily probiotic supplement or try Globiotic probiotic water with lemon for easy to assimilate probiotics and skin healing poly-phenols.

(E) Enzymes are the body’s beauty helpers that break down food and aide digestion. Take Bloat-X by Natural Balance with your two biggest meals to beat bloat for clearer skin.


QUIT THE CHEMICALS: Most of the chemicals in skin care are cheap fillers, additives, and preservatives that can easily irritate skin. Feed your skin to heal your skin with organic, botanic skin care ingredients like aloe, rose, grapeseed oil, or hyaluronic acid. Choose clean, organic skin care lines like 100% Pure Skin Care, Le Mieux, or PureGlo probiotic skin care.

GET DIRTY: Clay masks and body wraps have been used for centuries to purge, tighten, and tone skin. Clay attracts debris deep within pores and can help reduce cellulite with regular use. Begin your beauty detox with a deep cleansing facial and/or a clay body wrap. The best wraps are based in bentonite clay and French green or Moroccan clay and include a heating element, such as FAR infrared heat, to maximize skin detoxification.


SWEATY SEXY: Perspiration is the greatest skin purifier. Infrared saunas supercharge a beauty detox by bathing the body in healing light that can penetrate the skin up to two inches, detoxing seven times more than a traditional sauna. FAR saunas also help our bodies make Vitamin D and can improve skin tone with regular use.

ELECTRO-GLOW: Light therapies renew lackluster skin. LED lights stimulate collagen, kill acne, and improve pigmentation problems. Most spas have LED therapies that you can add to your monthly facial, or home units can be found online. Add a Limelight Laser facial to your beauty routine 3-4 times a year for the ultimate glow that will get noticed!

Amber Sam Thompson is a Holistic Beauty Wellness Specialist and Owner of Renew Wellness Spa, located at 3040 Forest Hill Irene #109, Germantown, TN 38138. Call (901) 435-6150 for more information or visit

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