Debbie Butler: 40 pounds lighter

  • Age: 33
  • Family: Two children (10 and 12), fiancé Russell
  • Occupation: Stylist at Pastille Salon in Cordova
  • Total weight loss: 40 pounds

For most of her life, Debbie Butler weighed a healthy 120 pounds. But after two kids, her weight steadily crept up. Finally reaching 160, she decided she had enough.

Debbie tried to lose the weight on her own for several months and saw some success. But after wedding dress shopping, she knew it was time to enlist outside help and turned to The Transformation Doctor in Collierville to kick her weight loss plan into high gear.

Debbie began the Ideal Protein program with The Transformation Doctor in June 2016. It’s a medically-designed weight-loss method developed in Europe more than 25 years ago. It combines combines a variety of high quality protein-based foods with weekly personalized coaching. During the weight-loss phase, clients limit carbohydrate intake to stimulate fat-burning. Eating more protein encourages muscle mass and teaches people to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices to help maintain their weight, even after the program. In phases 2-4, clients work on maintenance and are introduced to a customized fitness plan. Once hitting their goal, The Transformation Doctor follows up 6-12 months afterward to ensure weight is being maintained.

Debbie hit her target of 115 pounds just four months after she started. She considers her new way of eating and thinking about nutrition a life-long change. Debbie is currently in phases 2-4 and has started an exercise routine. She does cardio and weight-training four days a week.

Debbie’s two kids and her fiancé are also eating healthier, although she admits they indulge more often than her.

When asked about encouraging others to start a weight loss program, Debbie says, “It’s easier than you think. You have to be ready and in the right mindset, but once you start, you will feel great and won’t want to go back to your old ways. The staff at The Transformation Doctor is super supportive and an important part of my continued success. I am maintaining my weight and can’t wait to walk down the aisle in April, 40 pounds lighter than the day I said ‘yes!’”

By Christin Yates. Photo by Philip Murphy.

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