LAYER UP: Tips For Being a Winter Warrior

A friend of mine says, “There is no bad weather, just bad gear.” Bad weather can be a matter of opinion, but the proper gear can make it possible to run even on the coldest winter days. Proper gear can make or break your run. With a little planning ahead, you can be ready for any weather Mother Nature throws at you.

Layers are the magic of winter running. Heat trapped between layers keeps you warmer, but thin layers mean you can shed them when you get too hot. Two pairs of thin socks are better than one. Base layers also go a long way. An outer shell or windbreaker is a must for protection against the wind and elements; it releases moisture from the body while keeping the cold out.

Dress for temperatures 10-20 degrees warmer than it is. You’ll be cool at the beginning, but after a few minutes, your body will warm up. Too many clothes or the wrong ones will leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. Carry a hat and gloves to keep the extremities warm! Vaseline helps protect skin that might still be exposed.

Safety is always important, especially with fewer hours of daylight. If running in the dark, wear reflective gear and carry a light so you can see and be seen. Hydration is also important in the winter months. While an icy cup of water may not sound appealing, your body still loses water through sweat, which needs to be replaced.

Now armed with all the tools you need to prepare for colder weather, get out there and enjoy the faster times that it brings! Before you know it, the summer heat and humidity will be back, and you’ll find yourself longing for the cold winter days again.

The staff at Fleet Feet Sports can help you select all the winter gear you need. Socks, gloves, hats, base layers, outer shells, and so much more… Come in and see them today!

Rachel Randall is the Marketing Director at Fleet Feet Sports. She is also a teacher, a musician, a mother of two active boys, and a runner. She finds a way to fit her runs in, but she does not clean her house unless you are coming over. For more information call (901) 761-0078 or visit our website at

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