Raushanah Crenshaw: 75 pounds lighter

  • Age: 38
  • Occupation: Human Resources
  • Total weight loss: 75 pounds

In 2010, Raushanah Crenshaw weighed in at 250 pounds and knew she needed to do something for her health. For her, LAP-BAND® surgery was the answer to jumpstart her weight loss. What should have been an easy recovery turned into a five-year nightmare of terrible side-effects. Raushanah became nauseous and threw up after nearly every meal for years. While managing to lose 40 pounds, her diet only consisted of yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and anything else she could keep down. After five years, the band was removed to restore her quality of life.

During the removal process, the doctors learned the complications were due to scar tissue buildup that choked the band and made it hard to eat. They would need to remove part of Raushanah’s stomach for her body to heal properly.

“I paid a big price for having the surgery—not just monetarily. I literally lost a part of my body in the process,” she says. Once recovered, she decided no more shortcuts. Raushanah began working out and planning meals with trainer Sherika Norris. Sherika took a realistic approach to nutrition. Nothing was eliminated or banned from Raushanah’s diet; rather the two focused on adapting Raushanah’s favorite recipes and dishes to be healthier.

Since June 2015, Raushanah has lost 50 pounds and has reached her goal weight: 175. Raushanah continued working in group fitness classes and with Sherika on nutrition until deciding to take her wellness journey in her own hands. Today, she works out an hour, four days per week in the gym, mixing it up with the bike, elliptical, treadmill, and weights. “I also do 100 quick squats in the morning and get in my crunches at night. I’m still working on toning my core,” she says.

Raushanah continues preppings meals each week based on lean meats and veggies for a high protein and low carb intake. Her go-to breakfast is a breakfast burrito, and she snacks on cheese, nuts, and dried fruit throughout the day.

“I believe in making things that are easy to take on the go. I prep for the week ahead, so I can just grab something from the fridge and head out the door.” Much to her surprise, her favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts, which she often makes them with brown rice and boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

When talking about her weight loss journey, she says, “I decided I had to move forward instead of moving backward. Changing my attitude and mentality about eating and working out was the best thing I could do for my health.”

By Christin Yates. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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