Weekend Warrior: Eddie L. Miller ~ runner

AGE: 69

BIRTHPLACE: Clark County, KY

OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse between assignments, Methodist University Hospital

SPORT: Running

FAMILY: Wife of 48 years, two daughters (ages 46 and 48), one grandson (22), and one granddaughter (22)

FIT CLUB: Member of Breakaway Running for a Cause. #1 team in America for 2015 and 2016.

HALL OF FAME: I have run 11 full marathons since 2012, finishing eight. I ran each one as a St. Jude hero. I also completed a half marathon. I have run Memphis, Nashville, and New York and placed in the Nashville St. Jude Marathon in 2016.

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: I finished my first marathon at age 65 in 2012 after being in cardiac intensive care in 2007.

MOST MEMORABLE WW MOMENT: In 2014, at mile 25.8, just 4/10ths of a mile from the finish line of the New York City Marathon, I completely passed out! It was agony!

PROUDEST WW EVENT: Coming back a month later (after passing out in the NYC Marathon ‘14) and finishing the 2014 St. Jude Memphis Marathon in great form. Plus I raised over $6,500 for St. Jude in the process.

I RUNNING: I LOVE the never-ending grind of running endless miles. Success is directly proportional to the amount of work I put in. I like the feeling I get knowing that nobody out-works me. I love the people I run with, and I love running for a cause bigger than myself—raising money to help St. Jude Kids.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: I never want to go back to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit or return to psychiatric treatment. I want to continue feeling better now than I did at 21, and I want to be faster and stronger. I want to run the New York marathon at 90, to keep helping St. Jude Kids, and to motivate my fellow runners by proving it’s never too late to start running marathons.

IN TRAINING FOR: The Little Rock Marathon in March and/or the Nashville Marathon in April. New York again in November.

“I LOVE the never-ending grind of running endless miles.”

WW MUST-HAVE’S: My favorite shoes are Brooks Glycerine and Saucony Ride with Zulu socks. Unless the temp gets below 20F, I never wear tights or long running pants. I like my Garmin 25 to keep track of miles and pace.

BEST EATS: Stone Soup! Veggie lasagna or Eggplant Au Gratin with four to five veggies or salads to go with it.

FAMOUS PERSON YOU WOULD LIKE AS A DINNER COMPANION: King Leonidas of Sparta. No person has ever had more courage.

IF YOU COULD COME BACK AS AN ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE: Bull Terrier. No animal has more courage.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and “A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” —both by G. Edward Griffin

BINGEWATCH: Gun Smoke reruns

VICE: Coffee and chocolate

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I don’t judge a man by how high he rises but by how far be bounces after he hits rock bottom.” —General George S. Patton

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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