10 Ways to Treat Dry Winter Skin

10 Ways to Treat Dry Winter Skin

Winter is the time of year when blankets, sweaters, and hot cocoa reign supreme, but it’s also the time of year when dry itchy skin reappears. To make it through the season unscathed, here are my best tips to prevent and treat unwanted dry winter skin.

1 / Exfoliate More (or less):

If you notice skin becoming dry and flaky, it’s time to increase exfoliation. Try Visha Skin Care Sugar Shrink Body Scrub to gently slough away dry skin cells. If it’s not flaking, just more damaged than normal, ease up on exfoliating. Winter weather can really throw your skin a curve ball, so adjust exfoliating as needed.

2 / Apply Sunscreen:

It may be cold outside, but the sun hasn’t left. Keep skin safe by doubling up using a thick moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher everyday. A serum, such as the Advanced Correcting Serum by Visha Skin Care, combats sunspots even in the winter months.

3 / Stay Hydrated:

Skin needs hydration inside and out. Make sure to drink plenty of water in addition to tasty, warm winter beverages.

4 / Get a Humidifier (or two):

Winter’s best friend! Use humidifiers in the home to put moisture back into the air.

5 / Add Healthy Fats & Oils:

Eat foods rich in healthy fats like nuts, fish, and avocado to help add essential oils and nutrients back into the body. If necessary, take supplements like fish oil and vitamins C, E, and B complex to keep skin healthy. Also consider adding aromatherapy oils to your body wash to nourish dry skin.

6 / Rotate Skin Products:

Switch up beauty products to more moisturizing formulas in the wintertime. Use a heavy cream like Visha Skin Care B2B Balm to keep skin soft and non-flaky.

7 / Stick to Warm Water:

It may be tempting to take hot showers when it’s cold, but take warm baths and showers instead. Hot water further dries out skin.

8 / New Nighttime Routine:

Before bed, apply a thick lotion (B2B Balm) to hands and feet and cover them with socks (yes hands too). This helps seal in moisture overnight, so you wake up with soft hands and feet.

9 / Nourish Your Eyes:

Dry winter eyes and eyelids? Have eye drops on hand to keep dry eyes at bay, and use a product like Visha Skin Care Bright Eye Booster for added moisture on the eyelids and cheeks.

10 / Stock the Lip Balm:

No one likes chapped lips so, use lip balm liberally.

Dr. Purvisha Patel is a Board Certified Dermatologist, Mohs & Cosmetic Surgeon, UT Professor, and Creator of Visha Skin Care. For a consultation call (901) 759-2322 or visit Advanceddermatologymemphis.com, Vishaskincare.com.

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