Fit Couple: Terry + Caroline Gaines

Terry, 37, Retail Associate at Dillard’s

Caroline, 36, Accounting Department at NexAir

The infatuation started when Terry and Caroline saw each other in passing at church. Terry finally made his move in 2014, overhearing Caroline tell a friend that she wanted to get in shape. Terry offered to help train Caroline, and after a month of workouts, the two began dating. Within a year, the pair was married. Working out and being fit literally brought them together.

Terry began working out in high school and stayed consistent with his routine as he got older. Caroline, who had always been at a healthy weight, dealt with medical issues in 2013, and a new medication caused her to gain weight.

Early on in Caroline’s training, she focused on toning through squats, planks, burpees, pushups and lunges. She quickly saw changes in her body in the form of new muscles and less fat.

Terry continues working out at the Kroc Center 4-5 days per week for 45 minutes to an hour. He focuses on working his core and does planks lasting up to 15 minutes every day. Terry often brings his stepson, who plays basketball. Working in retail, Terry logs 7-9 miles per day at work, getting in most of his cardio.

After several months of training with Terry, Caroline achieved results but didn’t want to bulk up. With a new grasp on fitness came a new, more demanding job, so she started doing workouts at home—often 10-20 minute PopSugar videos on YouTube.

While the two don’t always workout together, they enjoy going on walks with their dog. “A couple that works out together stays together,” Terry says.

“A couple that works out together stays together.”

In 2015 the couple honeymooned in South Florida, where they enjoyed long walks along the beach and dinners right on the water. “I would fly to Miami for a date night every time and have dinner on the beach!” Caroline says.

Terry and Caroline try to keep their diet healthy, though Caroline admits her favorite is pasta. However, she tweaks recipes to make them healthier. Terry also takes daily apple cider vinegar shots and eats garlic to jumpstart his metabolism.

With four children between them—two girls age 14 and two sons age 12—Terry and Caroline have their hands full, but they still make health and fitness a top priority.

Interview by Christin Yates. Photo by Tindall Farmer.

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