10 Foods to Keep You Full — and to enjoy!


Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats. They create a sense of satiety and fullness that helps prevent overeating and weight management. Toast them in cinnamon and maple syrup for a sweet treat, or incorporated them in homemade granola.


Ginger acts as a stimulant that improves digestion, decreases hunger, and boosts metabolism. Enjoy in tea or paired with other flavors in smoothies or stir-fries.


They’re not only full of healthy fats but also fiber. Avocado contains OEA, which signals the brain and stomach to create a feeling of fullness. A study conducted at Loma Linda University showed that eating just one avocado controlled snacking for up to five hours. Add to salads or spread on your morning toast.


The soluble fiber apples contain keeps you full, and ursolic acid promotes lean muscle mass. A study at the University of Iowa gave animals ursolic acid supplements which increased their energy expenditure, thus increasing muscle mass. Dip in peanut butter for a delicious snack.


Containing up to 30 grams of protein, eggs inhibit the secretion of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Consuming an egg for breakfast can control hunger for a full 24 hours. Hard-boiled eggs make a fast, convenient snack on the go.


They suppress appetite, making them a yummy addition to your weight-loss diet. They contain bioactive ingredients like mangiferin that reduces body fat and controls blood sugar levels. They make a great addition to salsas, salads, and greek yogurt.

Dark Chocolate

Eating 70% cocoa chocolate helps lower cravings. The bitter taste sends a signal to the body that suppresses appetite. Steric acid helps slow digestion to keep you full longer. Fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate makes for a healthy and elegant dessert.


Tofu provides a great source protein. It’s high in genistein, an isoflavone that suppresses appetite. Substitute in stir-fries and even throw some in your smoothies!


The body takes longer to digest oatmeal, meaning it suppresses ghrelin and keeps you full longer. No need to feel guilty about consuming these carbs since they’re low on the glycemic index. It’s a versatile breakfast option paired with nuts, fruits, and spices.


Sometimes the body mistakes hunger for thirst. Water alone naturally suppresses appetite. Even if temporary, the body thinks its full. Flavor your water with slices of lemon or cucumber and fresh basil leaves.

By Samantha Fong

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