The Dentist Who Does it All

Thirty-two-year-old Kathryn Sneed, of Sneed Dental Arts in Collierville and Cordova, is something of a double major in life. The award-winning dental specialist with two practices is also an accomplished fitness instructor with multiple certifications, including Pilates and Barre. Last year she was the second female dental specialist to ever receive the Fellowship Award from the Midwest Implant Institute, the oldest implant training center in the world. With three children, two jobs, and cardiologist husband Darrell Sneed, she credits nutrition and fitness as the cement holding the facets of her life in place.

In college, Kathryn developed back pain and numbness in her leg. Her physician suggested it could be Multiple Sclerosis. “I didn’t want to pursue that diagnosis, so I started Pilates. From proper alignment and exercise, the pain and numbness subsided,” she says. Seeing the value of fitness, she became certified as an instructor. “I saw the benefit for myself and wanted that for other people. I taught in college and all around where I went to school.”

In dental school she owned her own private Pilates business near the University of Kentucky, where she met her husband of 12 years. She supported herself financially and emotionally through fitness. “It was my outlet. I had connections outside of the dental school world that gave me stress relief and companionship outside that building,” Kathryn notes. After medical school, Kathryn served as faculty at the MUSC College of Dentistry in Charleston, S.C., where she also trained with one of the Pure Barre founders. From there she opened a Barre studio of her own.

The couple continued their shared passion for fitness when they brought their medical practices to Memphis in 2011. She adds, “Our mutual enjoyment of fitness drew us together. My husband was a competitive bodybuilder. We were in the same medical school, same gym, and same church. We trained for half marathons and cycled together.”

“Health and fitness are major variables in balancing so much. Without exercise, I couldn’t!”

The couple’s fitness regime includes their three children: Harrison-7, Addilyn-5, and Coleman-3. They know she needs her daily gym time. “They’ve been taught since day one this is what mommy does. You can either join or not—and they love to join in.” Outside of exercising with mom and dad at home, the children play soccer, basketball, and do gymnastics. “My oldest has just now gotten to the stage of being able to really ride his bike for some period of time. While he rides, I run with our two boxers behind him.”

Leading two dental practices, teaching a weekly cycle class, and frequently subbing at others, Kathryn relies on nutrition and exercise to be the balance between family and business. Her simple beauty regimen is hydration, fruits and veggies, little to no sugar, and plenty of sleep. She prefers natural mineral makeup, coconut oil as moisturizer, and tea tree face wash. “So much of the ability to maintain dental and physical health is what you put in your body. That’s one of the main parts to overall health. Exercise is a gift to yourself, not a punishment. It’s the best thing you can do for every element of your life. Health and fitness are major variables in balancing so much. Without exercise, I couldn’t!”

Kathryn’s 5 tips for a heathy smile:

1 Limit sugar intake.

2 Limit sodas, teas, and other artificially flavored drinks.

3 Avoid smoking.

4 Brush-floss-rinse with mouthwash at least 2x a day, and use an electric toothbrush.

5 Visit your dentist 2x a year. Only a professional can get teeth their cleanest, and a healthy mouth is the window to the health of the entire body.

Kathryn Sneed, DMD, MBA, FAGpO, FMii, is trained in IV sedation, dental implants, oral surgery, bone grafting, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, pediatrics, Botox and fillers, and orthodontics. She has two offices: 1122 Poplar View Lane N, Collierville, TN and 8095 Macon Road, Cordova, TN. Learn more at

By Robin Beaudoin Photos by Tindall Farmer.

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