Weekend Warrior: Anthony Hollins ~ runner

AGE: 34


CAREER: Orthopaedic Surgeon at Memphis Shoulder and Orthopaedics

SPORT: Running

FAMILY: Parents: Lionel and Angie; Siblings: Lamont, Jackie, and Austin.

MOST RECENT WW EVENT: Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Completing my first half marathon, the San Antonio Rock n Roll in December. My goal was to not stop the entire race. Leading up to it, I had some knee trouble and wasn’t able to train much, so I was a little nervous that I would have to walk. However, I ended up finishing the race without stopping. Those last three miles were the hardest I’ve ever pushed myself in an athletic event. It took every bit of will to keep going in the pouring rain, but it made it that much sweeter crossing the finish line.

I RUNNING: It’s very relaxing to run outside and get lost in music/books while taking in the sights around town. I also run with my sister, and it’s a great bonding activity.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: My initial motivation when I started working out again was to fit into my clothing, which still motivate me to a certain extent. But I’m also motivated because I want to set good habits so that I can be active and healthy as I get older.

CROSS-TRAIN: I recently started a total body strength/cardio class at the downtown YMCA. Those two days a week are torture, but our instructor and the others in the class have been great motivation to continue, so I can one day be as fit as them. They are the true weekend warriors.

WW MUST-HAVE’S: Saucony Triumph Iso3 Shoes, Garmin Forerunner 235 watch

BUCKET LIST: I would love to go on the Four Seasons world culinary tour. It’s a trip on their private plane exploring the cuisine in nine countries in Asia and Europe. Unfortunately, it’s three weeks long and way out of my price range. I am open to accepting donations.

BEST LOCAL EATS: I have many favorites, but one that comes to mind is Half Shell. I order the Voodoo Catfish every time.

“It’s very relaxing to run outside and get lost in music/books while taking in the sights around town.”

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE FAMOUS WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE: President Obama. He seems like a pretty laid back, cool guy, and I would love to hear some of the behind-the-scenes stories about life as a president.

IF YOU COULD COME BACK AS AN ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE: I would come back as a bird because I’d have the best view of the city every time I went anywhere.

WHAT IS SOMETHING NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU: I love to karaoke, and I’m not just talking about over drinks with a group of friends. I’ve gone singing several times alone, as well as sober.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: I have gotten into audiobooks since I’ve started running, and I’m currently listening to Hidden Figures.

BINGE-WATCH: There are several, but the first that comes to mind is House of Cards on Netflix. The new season comes out in May, and I can’t wait.

MOST FUN THING IN MEMPHIS: BBQ Fest, hands down. Definitely the best party in Memphis.

PET PEEVE: When people gather around the gate at the airport prior to their boarding group being called. It really makes the boarding process more chaotic than necessary.

VICE: A good Old Fashioned

PERSONAL MOTTO: It’s much less painful to maintain (fitness) than it is to regain it.

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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