Weekend Warrior: Eric Frey ~ trail runner

AGE: 37


OCCUPATION: Shop Foreman Roadshow BMW MINI

SPORT: Trail Running and Mountain Biking

FAMILY: Amber, Holden, and Greysen

FIT CLUB: Breakaway Wednesday night trail run at Wolf River, Track workout Tuesday night with Coach Paul and Wolfman.

WW BRAGGING RIGHTS: Winter Off Road series (2nd in age group), Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half marathon, St. Jude Memphis Half marathon (2nd in age group, 1:26:45).

“Just keep a pair of shoes and shorts in your car, and you can run anywhere, anytime.”

MOST MEMORABLE WW EXPERIENCE: Placing in my age group at St. Jude half this past year. That race always has incredible energy, so placing made in it made it an even better experience.

I RUNNING: Just keep a pair of shoes and shorts in your car, and you can run anywhere, anytime.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: People who are faster than me. They motivate me to work harder. Also I have great friends that I train with.

CROSS-TRAIN: I weight train, swim, and spin at YMCA.

PRE-RACE RITUALS: I always eat the same thing on race day. Short race is a shake and banana. Long race is a peanut butter bagel with banana and honey.

WW MUST-HAVE’S: Brooks PureGrit trail shoe, Garmin Vivoactive HR watch.

OBSTACLE COURSE: I am constantly dealing with lower back disc issues. So far I have managed to stay out of the operating room. I am fortunate to still be able to do what I love.

BUCKET LIST: 100-Miler

BEST EATS: Bryant’s country ham breakfast

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE FAMOUS WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE: Nikola Tesla. I have read about him and envision him as a real life Dr. Frankenstein mad scientist type. Curious if I am correct on that.

IF YOU COULD COME BACK AS AN ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE: Sasquatch. That dude has it figured out. Completely off the grid, he just shows up every couple years in some hillbilly’s back yard for a couple blurry photos then back to the woods.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: Running Man by Charlie Engle

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MEMPHIS: I’m a big fan of the local breweries, so finding one with a patio on a nice day is always a good time.

VICE: Wiseacre Ananda

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I wanna go fast”—Ricky Bobby

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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