Fit Mom: Being Fit For Herself and Her Family

Many new moms find it hard to get back in shape after having a child. With four children from ages 6–16, HEVEKIAH “PREVAIL” WALKER could easily let fitness fall off her radar. But this busy working wife and mom puts fitness first, and at age 35, Hevekiah is in the best shape of her life.

After having her fourth child in 2011, Hevekiah decided to get healthier. Motivated to be around longer and have more energy for her family, she began weightlifting at the YMCA and running outside for cardio. Now, Hevekiah works out for an hour everyday, sometimes at home and other days at the Fogelman YMCA. She does weight training three times per week in addition to cardio. She also recently started kickboxing classes and continues to run outdoors as much as possible. She plans to run her first 5k in 2017.

With four children, a job, and a husband, Hevekiah tries to squeeze in workouts after dropping off the kids at school. While she works out by herself on weekdays, her husband, Jay, typically works out with her on the weekends. Because she leads by example, Hevekiah’s children are also active. The two older kids work out and run together, and the younger children enjoy running and playing outside. “By working out and being fit, I have more energy, and I’m more in shape to keep up with my four children,” Hevekiah says.

Hevekiah cooks at home and makes healthy choices for her family, like baking instead of frying. They typically eat a lot of ground turkey, turkey bacon, and other lean meats. She enjoys making tilapia, salmon, and baked chicken with sides like asparagus, broccoli, and brown rice. Hevekiah also drinks water throughout day and has noticed her children cut back on juices and other drinks in exchange for water. “They see me be more serious about what I eat, and they try to eat less unhealthy snacks as well.”

“I love working out because it gives me more energy to do what I need to do on a daily basis and keep up with my children.”

As for her health and fitness goals, Hevekiah wants to maintain her current fitness level, continue to tone her body, and improve her overall health. She is also pursuing a career in personal training. “I want to be able to help others transform their lives, both physically and mentally.”

With a passion for modeling, the YMCA recently hired Hevekiah to take photos to promote classes for the facility. She has also been writing poetry since age 12 and started putting it to music nine years ago as a rapper under the name “Prevail.”

By Christin Yates. Photo by Greg Hastings.

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