Fit Mom: Busy Mom Brings Cyclebar to Memphis

HALEY ARTHUR is a wife, mom of four, and owner of Cyclebar in Germantown. However, this busy 30-year-old claims she wasn’t always into fitness. Haley played various sports throughout high school and on club teams at the University of Arkansas. She even cheered for the University of Memphis after moving back home to be with her now-husband, BJ. Despite dabbling in triathlons after college, she never fell in love with a sport or fitness routine she wanted to pursue. “I need to be pushed to do well, and I didn’t want to spend hours running or on the bike away from my family,” Haley says. She soon discovered fitness classes, and for the next few years that’s how she stayed in shape.

At some point, the stay-at-home mom of four wanted to find a way to make more income for her family without sacrificing a lot of time with her children. After reading about a new cycling studio soon to be franchised, she and her husband traveled to Cincinnati to check out a class. “We were immediately hooked by the lights, atmosphere, and music,” says Haley. The two decided to bring Cyclebar to Memphis. Haley, along with her husband and parents, David and Molly Schay, opened CycleBar in Germantown in May 2016.

“This year, we celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary and Cyclebar’s one-year anniversary, and I turned 30! It’s a big year for us.”

Cyclebar is a 50-minute premium indoor cycling class set to music. Participants are provided with everything they need, including clip-in shoes, a water bottle, and a towel. Each instructor builds his or her own playlist set, and participants are encouraged to cycle along with the music to hit the revolutions per minute (RPMs) to stay with the beat. “Each person does his or her own workout, which makes Cyclebar great for people at any fitness level,” Haley says. After class, everyone is e-mailed their workout statistics, such as heart rate and calories burned, as well as a link to download the playlist on Spotify.

While Haley was a little anxious about her new schedule and how her kids would adapt, she says she enjoys being able to interact with other adults, provide for her family, and also get in a great workout. She typically works and takes classes in the early mornings before her kids wake up in addition to two evenings each week. “Having Cyclebar definitely makes me a better mom. I’m less irritable, I’ve made new friends, and I don’t have to sacrifice being away from my kids all day.”

To learn more about Cyclebar, visit

By Christin Yates. Photo by Tindall Stephans.

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