Everyone Is Welcome In Pedaltown, USA

A new bicycle shop is coming to town. If that makes you worry about wearing spandex, then this shop is for you. Clark Butcher, owner of Victory Bicycle Studio, is bringing a new concept to the local bicycle shop scene designed for the more casual rider. The new store, Pedaltown Bicycle Company, will open directly next to Victory Bicycle Studio on Broad Avenue. Butcher said, “Our goal is to provide a simple and un-intimidating solution for customers who are just looking for an easy way to get into riding bicycles or looking to get their kid a new bike.”

The new brand offers a lower cost of entry to bicycling but with the same boutique-level service and experience as Butcher’s bicycle studio next door. Bicycles are displayed with the intention of not overwhelming shoppers. “I get it, new riders and people who haven’t ridden in a while aren’t looking to spend the same as enthusiasts, but they still want and deserve the same high-quality level of service that the market has grown to appreciate at Victory. And that’s what we’re providing at Pedaltown” Butcher said.

When asked why not offer both levels of bicycles under the Victory name, Butcher responded, “I’ve seen so many other shops attempt to handle all levels of cyclists, but those shops get spread thin and can’t provide the best level of service to the whole range of customers. With that broad of a customer base, there’s just too much product required to reasonably retain inventory and make enough revenue to keep the doors open.” Pedaltown is specifically targeted to customers looking for a lower cost of entry into cycling. Most bicycles averaging around $350 and are a bike shop quality product for close to department store costs.

Pedaltown’s mission is to introduce children to that special feeling of “New Bike Day” and reacquaint older customers with that rush of riding a bicycle when they were children. “One thing that doesn’t change is the excitement of getting a new bike. It’s that same smile every time when someone leaves with their new toy. Bicycles are fun! And that’s what we want people to think when they think of Pedaltown,” Butcher said.

The Pedaltown location was chosen to neighbor Victory Bicycle Studio and is centrally located on dedicated bike lanes within a walkable and rideable distance from the Carpenter Art Garden community bike shop, which Butcher also co-founded. The proximity to the Art Garden was important, since Pedaltown will actively interview graduates from the community bike shop program as potential employees.

Butcher proudly opens Pedaltown in the Broad Avenue Historic District. Pedaltown opens its doors soon. For more information email clark@pedaltownbicycle.com or call Pedaltown at 901.435.6789.

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